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Road Closures

Please see below for proposed roads to be closed:

Marton Harvest Festival - Temporary road closures

Purpose: Event: Marton Harvest Festival

Pursuant to Section 342 (b) and the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, notice is hereby given that, the Rangitikei District Council intends to consider closing the roads as listed below for the purpose of permitting Rangitikei District Council to host the Marton Harvest Festival on Sunday, 7 April 2024.

Roads to be closed:

Time: 7:00am till 7:00pm

Partial Closures or Speed restrictions on Station Road, Nga Tawa Road, and Matai Street

Any person objecting to the proposals is called upon to lodge notice of his/her objection and grounds thereof in writing, before 4.00 pm, Friday, 23
February 2024 at the office of the Rangitīkei District Council, Private Bag 1102, Marton 4741.

Should the Rangitīkei District Council decide to close the said roads, a public notice shall be given.