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Asbestos Management - RDC Owned Buildings

Asbestos surveys of RDC-owned buildings

The RDC has begun a programme of independent asbestos surveys of the buildings it owns.

Our buildings are safe for use, however, the variety and age of RDC-owned buildings mean that it is likely that asbestos may be within their construction materials, the surveys are intended to identify and manage the asbestos risk so we can continue to provide a safe environment.

Asbestos is a mineral substance that was commonly used in building materials between the late 1800’s and the mid-1990s. The inhalation of asbestos fibres or dust can be damaging to your health. Asbestos management practices are well known and, if carried out correctly, can reduce the risk of harmful exposure.

Intact (non-friable) asbestos in a building becomes a risk if it is disturbed, therefore asbestos- containing materials should only be handled in accordance with recommended guidelines (see the work safe guidelines).

Asbestos can be present in construction and cladding materials, including old vinyl or floor tiles, lagging, Insulation, decorative ceilings, roofing and cement pipes.

Asbestos survey scope

The scope of each RDC-owned buildings survey will be to locate and identify asbestos-containing materials within the structures. Tenants of the buildings surveyed will be advised of the survey, its results, what that means for them and if any further work is required.

The RDC employs specialised contractors working in accordance with the WorkSafe New Zealand-approved code of practice for the management and removal of asbestos.

When any work is undertaken on a RDC-owned building the contractor involved will be advised of an area of concern regarding asbestos.

For information about asbestos surveys RDC-owned buildings, contact us on ph: 0800 422 522

Concerned about asbestos in your own building?

If you are a building owner and you have concerns about asbestos in your own property, we highly recommend that you read the WorkSafe Guidelines and/or contact an approved asbestos-removal contractor before undertaking any work.