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Covenant between Tenant and Council

Tenant’s covenant:

  1. The Tenant will:
    1. pay the rent within 20 working days of commence date of lease;
    2. not assign, sublet, mortgage, charge, grant any right to retain possession of the property pending discharge of a debt, or otherwise dispose of or part with the possession of the whole or any part of the Property;
    3. maintain the Property and any buildings or structures on the Property in good order and repair to the satisfaction of the Landlord;
    4. keep the Property free from all noxious plants, rabbits and other vermin;
    5. not erect any buildings on the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord;
    6. not alter or make additions to any buildings or other structures on the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord;
    7. keep all fences, gates, drains and other improvements now or in the future on the Property in good order, condition and repair;
    8. erect and maintain such fences as may be necessary to prevent any animals which are owned or under the control of the Tenant from entering upon any adjoining land not included in the Lease;
    9. use the Property solely for purposes of grazing and if at any time the Landlord is of the opinion that the Property is not being used or is not being sufficiently used for the purpose of grazing the Landlord may terminate the Lease on such terms as the Landlord shall think fit;
    10. not allow any bulls on the Property;
    11. be solely responsible for all water supply to and on the Property;
    12. not damage and destroy any natural, scenic, historic, cultural, archaeological, biological, geological and other scientific features, or indigenous flora and fauna on the Property;
    13. remove any dead stock from the Property within 24 hours of death;
    14. comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory authority requirements.
  2. Landlord’s covenant

  3. The Landlord will:
    1. Allow the Tenant to have uninterrupted access to and use of the Property for the term of this Lease unless the Tenant fails to meet any of the Tenant’s obligations under this lease.