Water Mains Cleaning Marton - Update 15 December 2017

November 29, 2017

Note: This Public Notice is out of date, and is retained for archival purposes only.

Update 15 December 2017

The high flow flushing programme that has been undertaken over the past week will continue for another few days. The contractors have been working their way through the urban area of Marton with their mobile filtration truck and this has proved to be a bigger job than first thought. Residents may notice dirty water and a loss in water pressure while this work is being done. A reminder to run your outside tap to clear dirty water. Thanks to everyone for your patience as this important work is carried out to improve the quality of your water supply. If you have any concerns please the Council on 06 327 0074 or 0800 422 522.

29 November 2017

As part of its commitment to supply good quality water to our residents the Rangitikei District Council (RDC) is starting a high flow filtration cleaning programme from Monday, 4 December until 12 December 2017 throughout the Marton urban area. This process uses new specialised technology to clean water mains and clear debris from the pipes to improve the quality of your water supply.

What we are doing?

  • NO-DES International, a specialized water quality contractor, will be undertaking this innovative and effective cleaning process throughout the water mains in the urban area of Marton. You may notice their truck in your area while this work is being done.
  • This high flow flushing process involves cleaning water mains using mobile filtration technology which puts high flow water through the pipes then pumps the water through a filtration system to remove debris and returns clear water back into the pipes.

What to expect?

Weather permitting this will take place:

  • Between 4 December 2017 until 15 December 2017, between 8:00am and 6:00pm
  • Council staff will work closely with the NO-DES Team to minimise the impacts of this work on your water supply. However, you may notice a temporary reduction in water pressure and/or some discolouration of water.
  • If discolouration occurs please run your outside tap until the water runs clear, usually about five minutes.
  • If the water remains discoloured, please contact us on 06 327 0074 or 0800 422 522.
  • Vehicle access to your property will not be affected although minor traffic disruptions may be experienced while the truck is operating in your area; traffic management and signage will be in place.

For more information

Marton Water Flushing

The schedule, outlining when this process will be carried out in each area of Marton, will be shown daily on Council’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RangitikeiDC) and on the websites Water Supply Status page. (www.rangitikei.govt.nz). Alternatively you can ring our Customer Service team on 06 327 0074 or 0800 422 522.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding as this important work is carried out to improve the quality of your water supply.

No-Des Water Flow Cleaning Flyer