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Marton Water Strategy Update

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us about what’s happening to improve the Marton water supply, but that doesn’t mean that work hasn’t been happening.

October 23, 2023

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In fact, we’re rather excited to tell you that as of Monday we’ve hit a significant milestone in the project. The screen and the casing for the new bore next to the Tūtaenui Dams have been installed.

The screen is made out of slotted stainless steel that has been designed specifically for the geology down the bore hole. It allows the maximum amount of water through but without dragging sand or other sediment with it.

For the next step, the contractors will be forcing water and air down the casing of the bore at high pressure to clean out any mud or silty material where the screen sits, ensuring that the water that follows is clear and clean.

Check out some of the photos from down at the site, and a diagram showing how the screen fits into the bore system.

A diagram which shows the bore is drilled into the ground water at the bottom of the image. The screen sits at the bottom of the bore and that where the water enters into the system. From the bore, the water will be treated and then go to a reservoir, ready to be used by Marton residents.

A collage of three images. The top left-hand corner shows the screen and its length. The bottom left-hand corner image is of the inside of the screen, showing the slotting where the water will enter through from. The third image in on the entire right-hand side of the collage and shows the work crew in overalls finishing off the casing of the bore pipe.