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Taihape Town Hall and Civic Centre update - 20 November

Our projects team are finalising the project work plan for the Taihape Town Hall and Civic Centre redevelopment, which will be presented to Council at its meeting on Thursday, 30 November. This report also includes a summary of the workshop feedback that we received in October.

November 20, 2023

Taihape Town Hall

Please look out for the Project Work Plan in the November Council paper. The projects team will be presenting the approach, as well as scope details and some recommendations around the project approach. A copy of the paper going to Council will be available on our website later this week. We will link the paper to this page.

Council would again like to thank everyone who attended the workshop. It was large turnout of people and the level of interaction that occurred between the attendees and the consultants was very productive.

The information gained in this process will go a long way in determining what will be provided in the revamped Town Hall space. Asides from the workshop, we have received further written feedback through the Annual Plan consultation and other emails from users of the facility. Together, this gives us a fuller picture of the wider community’s needs and wants for the redevelopment.

We want to acknowledge the contribution of the Taihape Town Hall subcommittee of the Taihape Heritage Trust. We appreciate the time and effort they have put in to share with us the priorities they see as being the most important and we certainly will consider these in our scoping exercise as part of our work plan.

As mentioned in our previous update, Council is creating a Taihape Town Hall and Civic Centre users group. The purpose of the user group will be to act as the voice of the community and facility users providing feedback during the design development phase around usability of the design. We expect their involvement to end when the design is completed.

Council have considered a mix of individuals with each member representing one of the different functions that the building is expected to offer (for eg. Events, performances, business hub, library etc). They are in the process of approaching these identified members to confirm their interest in being a part of this initiative.

During the construction phase, we’ll be providing them with updates on the construction and how things are progressing, and they will be able to shar that information with stakeholders and the community.

We will keep residents updated via our website, social media and the local papers/community news throughout the design and construction.