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Rangitīkei District Council bring roading and water services in house

As of 1 July 2024, Rangitīkei District Council will bring roading and three waters back in house, and the Shared Services Agreement with Manawatū District Council will end for these services.

June 27, 2024

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Both Rangitīkei District Council and Manawatū District Council undertook a review of the agreement that has been in place since 2008. It has been agreed that Rangitīkei is now in a position where it could deliver these services to its residents, although some aspects may be contracted out where needed.

Both Rangitīkei District Council and Manawatū District Council have worked to ensure that staff transferring to RDC have a smooth transition, including all the equipment and documentation that they need for their new roles.

All but three staff who were employed by MDC have been offered transfers to RDC, and we’re pleased that all of these have accepted positions.

Project work that has been planned whilst roading and three waters services were being managed by MDC will carry on unaffected by the changes.

Council has extended the road maintenance contract with Higgins as our roading contractor for the next 12 months to allow time to complete the procurement process for a new contract starting on 1 July 2025. This contract extension will ensure that there is continuity for the roading projects that are currently underway.

Bringing these services in house is not expected to cost ratepayers any more money than has been budgeted as part of the Long-term Plan and may result in some savings.

Rangitīkei District Council will continue to provide Animal Control Services for both districts.


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