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Rates Remission Policy for Properties Affected by a Natural Calamity

Rangitikei District Council has a Rates Remission Policy, which can cover remissions on rates for properties affected by a Natural Calamity, such as the June 2015 flood event.

The Objective of this Policy is:

To assist ratepayers experiencing extreme financial hardship due to a natural calamity that affects their ability to pay rates.

Conditions and criteria when applying this Policy are:

The property has been affected by a single event where erosion, subsidence, submersion, or other natural calamity has affected the use or occupation of any rating unit, in this case the June 2015 flood event. The policy does not apply to erosion, subsidence, submersion, etc that may have occurred without a recognised major event.

The Council may, at its discretion, remit all or part of any rate assessed on any rating unit so affected by natural calamity.

The Council may require financial or other records to be provided as part of the remission approval process.

Remissions approved under this policy do not set a precedent and will be applied only for each specific event and only to properties affected by that event.

If you want to apply for a rates remission for damage and/or hardship caused by the June 2015 flood event, you must complete and return the attached form.


Remmissions relating to the June 2015 Flooding Event are being considered by Council at their meeting on 26 November 2015.

All applicants will be notified of the decision following that meeting.