Fire Restrictions


A full restricted fire season has been put in place in Manawatū and surrounding districts.

The restriction came into effect on Monday 18 February 2019 8am.

People now require a permit to light open air fires in the entirety of Manawatū, Horowhenua and Rangitīkei.

This restriction replaces the open fire season in these areas. To check the season status in any area, visit this website.

Notice is given under section 56(1)(b) of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 that a Restricted Fire Season is declared from 8 am, 18 February 2019 in the following area(s) until revoked or amended by Fire and Emergency New Zealand:


· This replaces the previously declared Restricted Fire Season in these areas.

· All Public Conservation Land administered by the Department of Conservation is in a Year round/365 Day Restricted Fire Season.

· All beach and sand dune areas remain in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) 365 days a Year.

Go to or 0800 658 628

1. To apply for a permit

2. To see types of fire which have been authorised as not being fires in open air and do not need a permit.

It is an offence if you knowingly or recklessly light, or allow another person to light, a fire in open air in an area that is in a Restricted Fire Season unless under a permit issued by Fire and Emergency New Zealand and in accordance with any conditions of the permit.

Any permits issued during a Restricted Fire Season are suspended if Fire and Emergency declares a Prohibited Fire Season, or prohibits fire in open air in the area. If necessary, a permit can be suspended at any time by Fire and Emergency.

Graeme McIntyre

Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer

Manawatu/Horowhenua/Rangitikei Rural District