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Mobile Shops/Stalls

Mobile Shops must be registered in accordance with our Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2013

Health Licence Application

All mobile vendors selling food in the Rangitikei District must comply with the requirements set out in the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and obtain a Mobile Shop Licence in accordance with our Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2013.

Please see Schedule of fees and charges

Information for Mobile Food Businesses Trading Throughout the Manawatu-Wanganui Region

An agreement has been reached between Horowhenua District Council, Palmerston North City Council, Manawatu District Council, Rangitikei District Council, Ruapehu District Council, Tararua District Council and Wanganui District Council that will allow mobile food premises to trade across Council boundaries in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region with just one food registration.

The agreement allows mobile food businesses to obtain a Certificate of Registration under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 or an exemption under the Food Act 1981 from their home base Council only, even if they trade in other Council areas within the region.

All mobile food shops must meet a set of minimum standards in order to be registered.

Each district or city within the region has different bylaws and policies about where mobile shops can trade, so you must talk to an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) from each Council in whose area that you wish to trade in to obtain a permit or consent to operate.

Who will inspect my business?

If you are operating under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 you will be inspected at least once a year by an EHO from your home base Council. It is likely that you will also receive spot checks from other Councils whose areas you trade in. During the inspections and spot checks EHOs will be checking to see that your vehicle meets the minimum standards and that you are demonstrating good food safety practices.

If your business operates under a Food Control Plan, you will be audited by an EHO from one of the areas that you trade in.

Which Council is my home base Council?

Your home base Council is the Council whose area the businesses address of your mobile food business is situated.


If you have any questions about this agreement please contact an Environmental Health Officer from your local Council.