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Paying Rates

Temporary Note

Covid-19 Information Update:

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it. The actual impacts are unknown. What we do know is that our essential district services need to continue and that’s what rates pay for.

The Government has provided a significant injection to salaries and wages to enable essential household bills to be paid. Water and waste water services, roading, our cemeteries, and most importantly our emergency services (Civil Defence) are all essential.

Council staff in non-essential services who do not fit into the vulnerable categories described by the Prime Minister may be redeployed to help in those essential services or into our emergency works, especially welfare for people in our community.

Our staff will continue to keep the district operating no matter what.

If individual ratepayers are experiencing hardship we will consider payment options on a case by case basis. The Council still needs money to pay for critical services. Defaulting will make our recovery slower, painful and more expensive. As long as you agree a payment plan with us then no late penalties will apply.

Our next rates invoice will be with you in the middle of May, with payment due 20 May.
This date is subject to change - we will keep you updated.

If you are in genuine hardship please contact us through and one of our staff will contact you to help you set up a payment plan.

And remember there are other places to get help. This includes your bank for help with your mortgage payments.

Payments in Person

Payments can be made at our offices in Marton and Taihape, at the Bulls Library, Hunterville Trading Centre and Ratana JN Taiaroa Store.

Direct Debits

If you currently have a Direct Debit with us you will be notified of the new annual rates along with the updated payment amount. If you do not currently have a Direct Debit in place and would like one, please make contact with our Customer Services staff. By having a Direct Debit in place you do not incur any penalties regardless whether there is an amount owing at the due date. You will still receive an invoice if the account is showing a debit figure, however this is ‘For your information only’.

Direct Debit Authority

Automatic Payments

If you currently have an Automatic Payment/Internet Banking set up for your rates, please ensure you are making the correct payment to keep your rates up to date.

You need to review your payment at the commencement of the rating year and update it accordingly. This avoids your account falling behind due to the payment being insufficient. We recommend that you phone our Customer Service Staff who will assist you with the calculation. As with the Direct Debits by loading an automatic payment you do not incur any penalties regardless whether there is an amount owing at the due date. You will still receive an invoice if the account is showing an amount due figure, however this is ‘For your information only’.

Please note: If you load an automatic payment either through your bank or Internet, we would appreciate it if you could notify us so the ‘Withhold Penalty’ fields can be loaded against your account.

Automatic Payment Form

Payments for Rates and Water Via Internet

When a payment is being made for either rates or water via internet banking, please ensure the correct account reference is used.

Our banking system is automated due to the large number of payments we receive therefore if you use your Rates reference our system will link the payment to your Rates account.