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What is a LIM (Land Information Memorandum)

A LIM is usually requested when someone is in the process of purchasing a property and would like to obtain a copy of the information the local Council holds on that specific property.

How do I apply for a LIM?

You can find a copy of the LIM Application Form on the Forms (A to Z) page of this site, either by clicking on the following link: LIM Application or going to the Forms (A to Z) page in the Council Services/Publications section.

Please Note: Every care will be taken to ensure that the information supplied by the Council on the LIM is accurate. The Council relies on information available to it, and will not be held responsible for incomplete or inaccurate information provided, or for any errors or omissions made in good faith. It is based on the search of Council records only and there may be other information relating to the land which is unknown by the Council. The Council will not undertake any inspection of the land or any building for the purpose of preparing a LIM. The applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that the land is suitable for a particular purpose.

What information is provided in a LIM?

1. Information identifying each (if any) special feature or characteristic of the land concerned, including but not limited to potential erosion; avulsion (removal of land caused by flooding); falling debris; subsidence; slippage; alluvion (matter deposited as a result of flooding); inundation; or likely presence of hazardous contaminants, being a feature or characteristic that:

(i) is known to the territorial authority; but

(ii) is not apparent from the district scheme under the Town and Country Planning Act 1977 or a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991.

2. Information on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains as shown in the territorial authority's records.

3. Information relating to any rates owing in relation to the land.

4. Information concerning any consent, certificate, notice order or requisition affecting the land or any building on the land previously issued by the territorial authority.

5. Information concerning any certificate issued by a builder certifier pursuant to the Building Act 2004.

6. Information relating to the use to which that land may be put and conditions attached to that use.

7. Information, which in terms of any other Act, has been notified to the territorial authority by any statutory organisation having the power to classify land or buildings for any purpose.

8. Any information which has been notified to the territorial authority by any network utility operator pursuant to the Building Act 2004.

9. A CCC is only issued for the building work done under the consent that has been granted. Always check the property file before buying as to what Consents Councils holds.