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Building WOF & Compliance Schedule

Rangitīkei District Council has a designated email for all Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) and Independent Qualified Person (IQP) related business.

When submitting your Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)/IQP application or BWOF/IQP related inquires please send them to

This section provides an overview of a Compliance Schedule, Compliance Schedule Statement, a Building Warrant of Fitness and the role of an Independent Qualified Person.

What is a Compliance Schedule?

A Compliance Schedule outlines what Specified System(s) that are within the building, the performance standards and the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures to be followed. The Compliance Schedule is issued alongside the Code Compliance Certificate.

After the first 12 months, an annual Building Warrant of Fitness will be required. The Council will send out a reminder letter and a copy of the Building Warrant of Fitness one month prior to the 12 month period end date.

For all new builds and/or alterations to a building with Specified System(s), the Compliance Schedule is applied for with the Building Consent application.

For any amendments required to a Compliance Schedule, the Amendment to Compliance Schedule application form will need to be completed.

NOTE: If there is a current Compliance Schedule within the building and the building work does not affect any Specified System(s), a Compliance Schedule may not be issued.

What is a Compliance Schedule Statement?

This statement lists the Specified System(s) and the procedures needed to keep them in good working order. The Compliance Schedule Statement expires within 12 months. Prior to the expiry date it is to be replaced by the Building Warrant of Fitness.

A Compliance Schedule Statement is only issued when there is no existing Compliance Schedule or Building Warrant of Fitness for the building.

What is a Building Warrant of Fitness and who can complete the inspections and/or maintenance?

A Building Warrant of Fitness is a statement supplied by the Building Owner, confirming that the Specified System(s) for their building have been maintained and checked in accordance with the Compliance Schedule for the previous 12 months, and that they will continue to perform as required.

A Building Warrant of Fitness is supplied once the 12 month period for the Compliance Schedule has ended.

The Building Owner must provide to the Council, with their Building Warrant of Fitness, copies of all Form 12A Certificates from an Independent Qualified Person registered with Rangitikei District Council, confirming inspections and maintenance have been completed and any recommendations of amendments to the Compliance Schedule.

It is the Building Owners responsibility to provide an updated Building Warrant of Fitness and Form 12A Certificates to the Council every 12 months.

Note - The Council will send a Building Warrant of Fitness reminder letter approximately 1 month prior to the expiry date.

An Annual fee will be charged to the Building Owner upon Lodgement of the Building Warrant of Fitness.

Specified systems and compliance

Specified systems are systems or features that help a building to function fully – things like sprinklers, lifts, ventilation and air conditioning. These systems need ongoing inspection and maintenance to ensure they work as they should. If they fail to work properly they could adversely affect health or life safety, which may also affect your insurance cover. There are 16 specified systems in the Building Act. These must be identified on your building consent application form.

If your building work contains specified systems, the consent application must contain information with the application in respect to the proposed Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting requirements for Specified Systems.

Specified system forms for building compliance