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Overweight Permits

Overweight and Over-Dimension Permits

Most vehicles travelling within our district are given full and open access to all of our roads and bridges. There are no restrictions, apart from the usual traffic regulations contained in the NZ Road Code. However, some vehicles exceed the weights and dimensions set out in the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016 (VDAM). These are defined as Overweight Vehicles or Over-Dimension Vehicles and require a special permit.

If you require an overweight or over-dimension permit within the Rangitikei District then

  • Download the Application Form from the NZTA website
  • Submit the completed application form to
  • Your application should be processed within 3-5 working days. Once your application has been approved, staff will issue your permit via return email, followed by an invoice for fees.

List of mass and/or speed limits on bridges in the district.