Latest Marton Water Reservoir Information

Marton Water Reservoir Storage Capacity

We need the Marton community to conserve water where possible to avoid our treated water storage running low. We expect the situation will improve over the next two to three weeks.

Notification of Mass (and/or Speed) Limits on Bridges

Rangitīkei District Council has fixed the maximum mass and/or speed limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations including heavy motor vehicles on certain bridges in the district.

Mass limits
Name of roadName of bridgeMaximum mass
on any 1 axle
Gross mass
(maximum sum of axle mass)
Maximum speed limit
Christophers RoadPublic Trust (Suspension)N/A18,000 kg30 km/h
Colenso (Makino) RoadColensoN/A90% of Class 130 km/h
Gorge RoadKnightsN/A44,000 kgN/A
Mangarere RoadMangarere (Bdy)6,500 kg34,000 kg25 km/h
Matawhero RoadMangoahaneN/A44,000 kgN/A
Onepuhi RoadPorewaN/A90% of Class 130 km/h
Otara RoadOtaraN/A46,000 kg30 km/h
Papakai RoadPapakaiN/A44,000 kg


Porewa RoadMaungaraupi No 2N/A90% of Class 130 km/h
Porewa RoadMaungaraupiN/A90% of Class 130 km/h
Pungatawa RoadPungatawaN/A44,000 kgN/A
Ruahine RoadMangaweka (Bdy)3,000 kg6,000 kg10 km/h
Scotts RoadScottsN/A90% of Class 130 km/h
Taihape-Napier Road 2KuripapangoN/A44,000 kgN/A
Taihape-Napier Road 1SpringvaleN/A44,000 kgN/A
Te Kapua RoadGreensN/A44,000 kgN/A
Te Moehau RoadMoawhangoN/A44,000 kgN/A
Toe Toe RoadToe ToeN/A44,000 kgN/A
Torere RoadTaoroaN/A44,000 kgN/A
Turakina Beach RoadCameronsN/A44,000 kgN/A
Turakina Beach RoadKoitiataN/A44,000 kgN/A
Turakina Valley Road 2McLeay’s6,000 kg60% of Class 130 km/h
Turakina Valley Road 2MangaraN/A44,000 kgN/A
Turakina Valley Road 2Whareroa 1/2 BridgeN/A44,000 kgN/A
Turakina Valley Road 3Concrete FordN/A44,000 kgN/A
Waikakahi RoadPokaka5,500 kg60% of Class 130 km/h