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Who is standing in this 2019 election?

Mayor (1 vacancy)

Watson, Andy

Home Phone: 06 327 7615
Mobile: 027 617 7668
Address: 6 Grey Street, Marton 4710
I am seeking re-election as Mayor; a role that I have had for 6 years. I am married to Beth and have 3 children who attended local schools. After completing my degree in agricultural science, I managed development stations before farming on our own account. During my time as Mayor the district has grown, we have housing developments planned, local industries are wanting to grow and we have interest from new industries choosing to come here. Our Council has tackled the issue of earthquake prone buildings by offering support to owners and we have started our own Council rebuild program. I have been heavily involved with this throughout and want to see it through to completion. By supporting our youth with the skatepark for example, we can secure our future. I am passionate about our district; urban, rural, and beach communities, and it has been a privilege to lead it.
Central Ward (5 vacancies)

Ash, Cath

Home Phone: 06 327 5237
Mobile: 021 524 585
Address: 2 Ngahina Street, Marton
I’m really looking forward to continuing to be your voice in Council.
While managing Project Marton I work closely with many residents and organisations within the Rangitikei district, and I’m fortunate to have a deep understanding of the community’s aspirations, and needs.
As a councillor I will continue to take an active role to ensure our future is positive, through advocating for Council to be economically and environmentally sustainable and responsible, and lobbying central government and regional council for better representation for our community’s needs.
Given the opportunity I will continue to work towards: Better rates efficiency; Supporting business development; Encouraging resilient, connected communities; Ensuring easily accessible and transparent information; Creating a sustainable future; Advocating for better services; Engagement with the community.
I passionately believe in this town and district. I see the potential and challenges we face and will continue to actively work to implement strategies that address both.

Belsham, Nigel

Home Phone: 06 327 7005
Mobile: 027 419 1024
Address: 76 Bredins Line, Marton
Having lived in Marton for the past 35 years, I have learnt a lot about our area, the great people who live in our community and the fantastic opportunities we all have. I’m very proud of the diverse educational facilities we have, the strong employment opportunities from our industries and rural sectors and the great lifestyle we get to enjoy. This is why I stood for Council 6 years years ago. I wanted to be your voice on Council and ensure that decisions made would continue to build a strong and resilient area. I have always strived to be a strong representative for all the people of Marton and it’s surrounding rural area. I have enjoyed the interaction with a large cross-section of our community, gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience along the way and am committed to continuing to be your voice on your Council.

Dalgety, Fiona (Fi)

Affiliation: Strong Voice For Our District
Home Phone: 06 322 8460
Mobile: 021 222 8460
Address: 282 Murimotu Road, RD 5, Hunterville 4785
Born in the Rangitikei, I passionately advocate for thriving rural communities. I aim to listen before being a strong voice for our district. I care. My husband, Alex and I have farmed sheep and beef in Hunterville for the past 30 years. Earlier in my career, I practised locally as a registered property valuer. Today, I sit on the Agri-Women’s Development Trust and Beef and Lamb Farmer Council. My role is enabling people to connect with knowledge and skills to grow their businesses and as individuals. I have also served locally on School Boards and in other community roles. I recognise the need for considerable asset upgrades across our district, so an efficient and transparent Council is essential to safeguard wise spending of all ratepayer’s money. I am prepared to listen, make bold decisions and work hard so that your vote will ensure a progressive future for our District.

Field, Sandra

Mobile: 027 592 7966
Address: 26 Harris Street, Marton
I am Sandra Field and have lived in Marton since I was 4 years old, went to school locally and learnt about working for and serving the community from a young age. I am a mother to three adult children who have worked or lived in Marton, I have supported my children in the activities they did. I currently work as a Community Support worker for people with intellectual disabilities or Mental health.  Marton is very supportive to people with disabilities and I would like to encourage and give support to the groups around town that help the more vulnerable members that give food or other aide.  I also have a concern for elderly, that they have the resources to continue an active life.  I enjoy taking photos around the area. My skills are team player, advocating, listening, good communication and a willingness to learn what I don’t know.

Hamerton, Bryan

Home Phone: 06 327 5424
Mobile: 027 328 6735
Address: 552 Porewa Road, RD 1, Marton
I live on a property midway between Marton and Hunterville with my wife Sally. I have a strong farming background in dairying and dry stock. Although my principal interests lie within the rural sector, I do have a keen interest with the urban and local body affairs. It is my belief that with integrity and hard work our region with all its differing cultures and communities can prosper. I have a strong passion for sports and local recreational activities. The Rangitikei is a great place to live and to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle. I know my past experiences and approachability will be valuable to the new council.

Lambert, Richard

Home Phone: 06 322 8096
Mobile: 027 879 2221
Address: 428 Murimotu Road, Hunterville 4785
I am a 5th generation Rangitikei Farmer, married to Judith with 3 adult children. I am very interested in representing the rural voters on Council. I was born and raised in the Hunterville area and I farm here and near Crofton. I understand how vital the interconnection between rural and urban communities is. Rural and Urban Rangitikei must work together to keep the District the way we want it. I have served on number of committees in the region and have a very good understanding of how important working with others for the better can be achieved. I am Passionate about the Rangitikei and I am confident I can deal with the challenges to keep it a great place to live.

Raukawa-Manuel, Coral

Home Phone: 06 327 6087
Mobile: 021 023 52448
Address: 44 Mill Street, Marton 4710
Kia ora, Greetings, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana!
I have lived and worked in Marton most of my life and I can’t think of a better place to be. I know and understand the opportunities and issues we face, and the drive, ability, experience and common sense needed to guide better, smarter economic and community decisions for the future of the Rangitikei. We need to have a more open, honest and positive culture. Having a Council that is more visibly accountable for progress, robust decision making and using rates wisely is one step to achieving this. I will help bring a “future focus” to moving forward collaboratively. I believe the Council should be accountable to and serve the community. I have the energy, imagination and ability to be an effective Councillor. With the Council and Community working together we can make the Rangitikei a great place to live.

Wilson, Dave

Home Phone: 06 327 7082
Mobile: 027 223 4279
Address: 26 Milne Street, Marton 4710
Having lived and worked in Marton & the Rangitikei for more than 40 years I am passionate about our town and our district. I am a current serving Rangitikei District Councillor, having completed my first term.
I am involved with many local clubs, schools and businesses, giving me a broad understanding of the many complex issues facing small rural towns like Marton, Bulls, Hunterville and Taihape.
I am very keen to see the Council invest in the rejuvenation of our town centres as indicated in the long term District Council plan, in particular the civic heritage development, in Broadway Marton.
Over the last 3 years the Rangitikei District Council and the people of the Rangitikei have invested in me as a first term Councillor. Our district is growing and I want to see this continue.

Woolston, Peter J

Affiliation: Independent
Email: None
Mobile: 027 667 7712
Address: 105 Tutaenui Road, Marton
I’m a 58 year old Ag-farmworker and fencer, and have been around this district for many years. I’m seperated and have two adult/teens in the last years of High School. I was an elected Councillor in the 1990’s and after one term I shifted out of the area for work and family reasons, returning to Marton and repurchasing property a few years ago. I am well known in the sporting arena, having played Rugby and Cricket locally with some success, and have been a member of a local band for many years. I’m a bit conservative in my approach to things, ‘If it aint broke – please dont fix it policy’. My concerns are for minimum rates increases, a clean and enjoyable environment for our rivers and playgrounds, future relevance for our towns as well as our districts dynamics and affordability.
Northern Ward (3 vacancies)

Bonnor, Owen

Affiliation: Better Value For Ratepayers
Home Phone: 06 382 5557
Mobile: 027 541 5177
Address: The Clearing Upper Kawhatau, RD 7, Mangaweka
I have continuously improved my business skills and enjoy learning new ways of operating with best practice in mind. These have been enhanced with off farm training and 6 years on the Beef and Lamb farmers’ council. I have been on Mangaweka School B.O.T for 17 years. I was also on Feilding High School B.O.T as they introduced new best practices, new learning opportunities and modernised the hostel. This service helped improve my governance, policy writing, implementation and monitoring skills. I also helped make the most of limited resources. I take the responsibly of representing ratepayers very seriously and I am willing to put in the necessary time, energy and commitment to be on Council.
I think RDC needs to focus on the core business of roads, sewage, and water at the present time as these need serious capital expenditure so they meet ratepayer’s environmental and social expectations.

Duncan, Gill

Home Phone: 06 388 1409
Mobile: 027 255 1409
Address: 1531 Moawhango Valley Road, Taihape 4793
A clear voice for Taihape. I aim to represent and advocate for the Rangitikei, and specifically, Taihape town and country. A current Taihape Community Development Trust trustee, my focus is on Community Well-being. I care about community engagement, involving you in decision-making processes to achieve workable outcomes; what matters to you? I worked for RDC in Customer Services and as Taihape Library’s Outreach Coordinator, learning about my town whilst gaining experience of Council in action. Completing NZ Information & Library qualifications, I gave a further six years to Creative Communities Committee, three as Chairperson, and developed important district-wide knowledge and perspectives. My strong interest in supporting local clubs and schools, (taking turns as secretary and treasurer), BOT and PFA, has built extensive community networks. Travelling widely and working overseas before coming home to farm and work in the Northern Ward for thirty years, I am a clear voice for Taihape.

Gordon, Angus

Home Phone: 06 388 1571
Mobile: 021 111 4767
Address: 8076 State Highway One, RD 3, Taihape 4793
I'm a 55 year old farmer living south of Taihape. I would like to continue to represent the interests of the Rangitikei ratepayers, especially those of the Northern Ward for the next 3 years. I’ve served six years as a Councillor in the former Taihape Ward and previously six years on the Taihape Community Board. I currently chair the Memorial Park users group in Taihape and the Policy/Planning Committee within Council. I am passionate about getting the facilities of Memorial Park up to a standard that we can be proud of, to adequately service all sports codes and casual users of the park. We do face some big capital spending upgrades in next term which we cannot shy away from, such as the Mangaweka Bridge, Marton office and library, Memorial Park facilities, urban drinking water, sewerage, storm-water and continuing urban and rural road maintenance. It's all about your rates expenditure.

Hiroa, Tracey

Mobile: 021 027 59983
Address: 124 Taihape Napier Road, RD 2, Taihape 4792
Ko Aorangi Te Maunga
Ko Moawhango rahi Te Awa
Ko Mokai Patea Te Rohe Potae
Ko Ngati Whitikaupeka Te Iwi
Ko Moawhango Te Marae
I stand as a confident, competent and courageous women with an interest in working with others to find innovative ways to help improve the health and wellbeing of the people of the Northern Rangitikei ward. I’m an advocate and passionate member of the small rural farming community of Moawhango and a committed and active uri member of all four Iwi within the Mokai Patea rohe. In my quest in putting myself forward for Council, I believe that the contributions I can make if elected allows a fresh perspective to be brought around the council table. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider voting for me: Proven Governance/Management Skills, Connectivity both locally, regionally and nationally, Passionate about our area, Strategic thinker, and Leadership.
Southern Ward (3 vacancies)

Carter, Brian

Affiliation: A Stong Voice For Our Community
Home Phone: 06 322 1770
Mobile: 027 247 1812
Address: 19 Johnson Street, Bulls
Bulls has always been my home. I grew up here, my wife and I raised our three children here, our two grandchildren enjoy visiting us here, and for 27 years I have had my own upholstery business here. Being part of the community is important to me. I have been a member of the Bulls Volunteer Fire Brigade for 47 years, and have been the chief of the brigade for the past decade. When our children were growing up, I was on the Clifton School Board of Trustees, and was involved in their sports by either coaching or being on committees. In 2015 I became a Justice of the Peace. I believe Bulls is a great place, but could be even better. I would like to see and support the growth of our town and the ward by becoming a Councillor for the Southern Ward of the Rangitikei District Council.

Dunn, Jane

Home Phone: 06 322 1582
Mobile: 027 746 0791
Address: 264 Trickers Road, Bulls
My husband and I have enjoyed raising our family in Bulls. After living and working in this district for over 35 years I have found the Rangitikei District to be a vibrant and secure place for families to work and play. My wish is that this will continue for all residents. During my first team as your Councillor, my first priority was to listen to the concerns and wishes of our residents. I have tried to find logical and practical solutions whether it is for the good of the whole Community or for individual’s needs. My other priorities have been to ensure the delivery of services remain local and to encourage future growth, to enable the Southern Ward and the Rangitikei district to thrive and prosper. I feel extremely honoured to have been your representative and would greatly appreciate a further opportunity to continue as your advocate at Council.

Meads, Bronwyn

Affiliation: Here To Represent You
Home Phone: 06 322 1434
Mobile: 027 302 2888
Address: 696 Parewanui Road, RD 1, Bulls 4894
I have 15 years’ experience in community development. I believe I have the skills to represent residents and ratepayers and I would like to serve the Southern Ward. I live locally in Bulls and have raised my 2 sons here who are from Ngāti Parewahawaha. I would like to establish working relationships across the different communities of the Southern Rangitikei. For 10 years I was employed in Bulls as the town coordinator, where I helped create new exciting initiatives and projects. I work part time for a Charitable Trust helping families with digital inclusion. I am positive, accessible, approachable, active and want to work with you to ensure the Southern Ward is a place that people want to live, visit, set up and do business and enjoy community activities. I would like to work with you to reflect our strong community voice at the council table.
Nga Mihi
Bronwyn Meads

Panapa, Waru

Affiliation: For A Unified & Inclusive Southern Ward
Mobile: 027 343 0405
Address: 12 Ratana Road, Ratana Pa 4581
Born in Ratana, raised in Pukekohe, like many I felt the call to come back to serve our communities. I believe that a Ward that has diversity shows strength, in practice this is making sure that Ratana, Turakina, Koitiata, Fordell and Whangaehu also have a voice. Ratana Paa as a community was created through the vision of T.W Ratana's legacy, it’s a spiritual and material model of what collaboration can achieve. I’m confident we can co-create the relevant conditions to continue growing our vibrant, cohesive and integrated Ward. I have the sought-after qualities of cooperation, initiative, and perseverance that are needed to bring together the skills of our diverse communities to achieve the betterment of all. From the Coast and beyond there is much to celebrate about this undulating slice of heaven. It’s an area that holds a wealth of history that has a profound impact on our Nation.

Sharland, Paul

Home Phone: 06 322 1789
Mobile: 027 450 3056
Address: 63 Johnson Street, Bulls 4818
I am married to Mary with two adult children and four grandchildren. We have lived in the Rangitikei for 47 years, 20 years at Flock House and Scotts Ferry and for the past 27 years on our lifestyle property in Bulls. I am standing for Council as I am passionate about the Rangitikei District and the Bulls Community. I enjoy Community work and over the years I have been involved in various Bulls Community organisations. I have operated my own business in the Agricultural sector for many years, and have a good understanding of both Rural and Urban needs. If elected, I feel I could make a positive contribution to our community and introduce some ideas to the benefit of our town and district as a whole.
Ratana Community Board (4 vacancies)

Meihana, Lequan

Mobile: 027 209 1175
Address: 3 Tamariki Lane, Ratana Pa 4581
Matua, Tama, Wairua Tapu me ngā Anahera Pono me te Māngai Ae!
This is to inform the community that I will be standing in this year’s elections for the Rātana Community Board. I believe in the greater good for our people and I feel strongly about the potential of our community and our Pā. Give me your VOTE and we will make things happen together! I will: Champion causes that best relate to the interests of our Pā, Campaign for the improvement of quality of life in our community, Act as an advocate for the interests of our people, Bring people together to achieve common goals and aspirations, Bring the views of our people to the attention of Council, Maintain better communication and contact with our people at all times, Listen to the concerns of our community on issues pertaining to our community, and be solution and future focused.

Mete, Charlie

Mobile: 027 418 9108
Address: 8 Ratana Road, Ratana Pa 4581

Nepia, Jemal Rivers

Mobile: 020 410 96229
Address: 6 Wharekauri Street, Ratana Pa
I grew up in Ratana Pa, a little community in the Rangitīkei with a very rich history. For me, there is no other place in the world like Ratana, our home! I know and understand the issues we face, and the many opportunities that lay ahead of us. I believe I have the experience and common sense needed to guide better decisions for the benefit of our community. I am asking for your vote as your representative on the Ratana Community Board. I have the ability and heart to be an effective Board member. If elected, I will: be a strong advocate for the interests of our community; strive to have meaningful communication with all stakeholders within our community; and be accountable for progress and decisions.
As an elected board member, I will serve and be accountable to our community.

Panapa, Waru

Mobile: 027 343 0405
Address: 12 Ratana Road, Ratana Pa
Unity in diversity is a strength of a 21st century community. Born in Ratana Paa, raised in Pukekohe, like many I have felt a deep calling to come back to serve. Ratana Paa as a community was created through the vision of a modest Maori wheat farmer. T.W Ratana's legacy is a spiritual and material model of what a collaborative approach can achieve. I am confident we can co-create the relevant conditions to continue the growth of a vibrant, cohesive and integrated Ward. I have the sort after qualities of cooperation, initiative, and perseverance that are needed to bring together the skills of our diverse community to achieve the betterment of all. From the Coast and beyond there is much to celebrate about this undulating slice of heaven. It is an area that holds a wealth of history that continues to have a profound impact on our Nation.

Rourangi, Charlie

Mobile: 022 590 2146
Address: 2 Taihauauru Street, Ratana
I think that I would be an asset to the Ratana Community Board – being born and raised here I know what is needed to better our Community!
Taihape Community Board (4 vacancies)

Abernethy, Ann

Home Phone: 06 388 9220
Mobile: 021 055 1979
Address: 39 Otaihape Valley Road, Taihape
In 1974 my family and I purchased a farming property at Mataroa and have been part of the Taihape community ever since. I’ve had a thirty year career in education spending twenty-three years at Taihape College and seven years as an itinerant teacher of students with special learning needs. I have always said that when I retired I would give back to the community and I feel privileged to have been a member of the previous Community Board. I am proud of the projects we have supported and completed but I still have "unfinished business”. My goal is that Taihape will be seen as a place to live where all sections of the community feel safe and supported. We face the same issues as bigger centres and I welcome the views of our community on such issues. Therefore I am standing for a further term on the Taihape Community Board.

Abernethy, Emma

Home Phone: 06 388 0777
Mobile: 021 212 0756
Address: 27 Paradise Terrace, Taihape
I moved to Taihape as a teenager completing secondary school at Taihape College, moved away and came back again in 2003. My Husband Daniel and I have two children at Taihape Area School. I was involved with Playcentre for 7 years. I am co-chair of the Taihape and Districts A&P show Committee, as well as on the Taihape Musicians Club committee. I am employed at Taihape Swim Centre as a Learn to Swim Instructor/Lifeguard and at Taihape Liquorland. We have a fantastic community in Taihape and I look forward to making it even greater by
working to get the best support from council into our local community facilities, parks, and streets. I want to see Taihape become more than just a food/fuel/coffee stop and become a Destination.

Fannin, Michelle Yvette

Home Phone: 06 388 1129
Mobile: 021 152 6412
Address: 62 Kiwi Road, Taihape
I'm a proactive, community minded go-getter who loves living in Taihape. I have lived in and around Taihape for 47 years and live here with my husband Kevin and two children; Courtney and Mitchel. I have worked in many roles including retail, early childhood and TCDT. I'm currently employed as the Coorindator for both Taihape Older and Bolder and Heartlands-Work and Income. Current chairperson of Taihape Community Board (2008), COGS elected (2010), co-chair for A and P Show (2018) and on the St John-Area committee for the new building project. All these experiences have added to my knowledge and skill base. I’m passionate about our community and our people. I'm helpful, driven and have a huge focus on grassroots development for our community. I will listen, guide and support any member of our community, bringing your concerns to the attention of Council.

Larsen, Gail

Mobile: 027 495 4620
Address: 25 Swan Street, Taihape
Hi, my name is Gail. I am standing for the Taihape Community Board and seeking re-election. I have resided in Taihape for 49 years. I moved to Taihape from Otaki in 1970 for 12months and yet I am still here in this beautiful place I call home. I have been involved with several committees, being the Majestic Theatre, Taihape A & P Association, Keep Taihape Beautiful as well as my passion for animal welfare which has led to my own animal rescue service within our community.
I pride myself on being a proactive and passionate member of our community. I love getting out and about, listening to others and helping out in any way I can. If I am re-elected I will continue to work hard alongside other Board members and be a voice for our community.