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Why is voting important?

What are local government elections?

Every three years Rangitīkei District Council takes part in a local election. The local election is your opportunity to choose who you want representing you on our council.

Our district is split into wards each represented by a certain number of councilors.

2022 marks the latest election cycle and in October you can vote for your preferred candidate. Once voted in these candidates will remain for three years until the next local election in 2025.

To be eligible to vote you must be enrolled on the parliamentary electoral role.

Why are they important to me?

Did you know your District Council is responsible for many of the community services and infrastructure you engage with every single day.

From roads to playgrounds, and drinking water to libraries, council plays a huge role in keeping our communities ticking. Our mayor and councilors influence how these services and infrastructure look, so it's important you have a say on the people that represent our district. Voting in the local elections is your opportunity to do this.

Help us make the decisions that shape the future of our district.

If you are passionate about advocating for your community, then standing might be right for you. A diverse council that reflects our district will help us make the best decisions for our future so encourage candidates from all different kinds of backgrounds to consider standing.