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Election sign rules 2023

Local authorities are responsible for regulating when, where and how election signs can be displayed. However, as the rules may vary between local authorities, sections 221B(1) and 267A(2)(b) of the Electoral Act allow signs up to 3 square meters in size to be put up from 9 weeks before election day. For 2023 this period begins Saturday 12 August.

Published new guidance is available online Election signs | Elections

There are three places that regulate election signage.

  1. Nationwide – see the Electoral Commission website Election signs | Elections

The Electoral Commission notes there is a restriction on the size and duration of putting up signs, but note that these are overruled by Council DP rules if the DP rules are more permissive.

This enables signs up to 3m2 to be put up from 12 August (9 weeks before the election). The signs need a promotor statement – name and address (Electoral Act). All signs need to be removed by midnight Friday 14 October.

  1. District Plan – Rangitikei-District-Plan-Section-B-Rules-August-2018.pdf see Rule B1.11

When combining the District Plan/Electoral Commission the requirements are:

  • Size – allow signs up to 3m2 (DP overruled).
  • Number per site – follow the DP. This changes by zone.
  • Duration – follow the DP – which allows it up for 3 months (more permissive than the 9 weeks).
  1. Control of Advertising Signage Bylaw – restricts people from putting up signs on Council land such as berms/road reserves. Control of Advertising Signage Bylaw 2013: Rangitikei District Council

Any queries or complaints about signs being put up can be directed to