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Tips on Fundraising

At some point, nearly every community organisation will need to raise money to continue the good work it achieves in the community, run an event, or carry out a special project. Raising funds can seem daunting, but is easier if you have a clear idea of what you need to do and how you'll do it.

Funding opportunities open and close at different times throughout the year so it pays to be organised, research well in advance and check funder information regularly.

Good Steps to follow:

  • Gather information about your organisation
  • Gather information about the project or activity including clear budget
  • Find out about funding sources and possible activities
  • Create a fundraising plan
  • Implement your fundraising plan - send out applications and complete fundraising activities
  • Account for funding received and evaluate how your plan worked
  • Shout your success, acknowledge your funders and pay it forward by sharing your funding knowledge with others.

Funding websites and tools

  • GenerosityNZ: a database they provide is givUS which offers access to more than 1,200 grants and schemes for communities, volunteer organisations, schools, groups, sport clubs and Iwi. We provide free access to the database through our public libraries. Please contact your local library for more information about accessing givUS.

External Funders

  • Community Matters - The Community Organisation Grants Scheme or COGS provides grants to non-profit organisations delivering community-based social services that contribute to achieving locally-determined outcomes.
  • JBS Dudding Trust - The JBS Dudding Trust was established in 1963 by local farmer and investor John Beresford Swan Dudding, and has been managed by Public Trust since its inception.
  • Pub Charity - Pub Charity ensures the funds raised in gaming machines in the districts Venue Operators' hotels and taverns go back to support the local community.
  • Whanganui Community Foundation – Helps community organisations to carry out charitable, educational, cultural, philanthropic and recreational activities in the wider Whanganui and Rangitikei area. This is achieved by making grants, providing professional development opportunities for community organisations and providing advisory services and other community development activities.