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Permitted Boundary Activity

Deemed permitted boundary activities

If your building activity or project is too close to a boundary, and you have the neighbouring owners' written approval, you may apply for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity. This application replaces the need to apply for a resource consent for your proposed activity. You may still need to apply for a building consent.

Find out which permission you need for your plans

It's a good idea to speak to one of our duty planning officers before you apply. They can give you more information about deemed permitted boundary activities and resource consents and which one is right for your project. You can contact our duty planners on 06 327 0099 always good to bring as much information as you can about the site you’re talking about, and details about what you are proposing to do.

Apply for a deemed permitted boundary activity

Complete and return the application form and the written approval form along with all signed site plans, drawings and designs.

Your application must include the following:

  • a description of the activity
  • site plans, drawings and designs for your proposed activity or project, signed by your neighbours
  • the full name and address of every owner of the site
  • the full name and address of every owner of a site with an infringed boundary

What will a deemed permitted boundary activity cost?

A deposit is required upon submission of the application with Council. You will be required to pay the balance of the costs when Council has processed your application.

Resource Management Act Administrative Charges

When you cannot apply for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity

You cannot apply for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity if you are building close to a public boundary. A public boundary includes a boundary with any of the following:

  • a public road or walkway
  • a public open space
  • a stream, river, or lake
  • the coast
  • an esplanade reserve or strip
  • any other reserve
  • any land owned by council or the crown (e.g. public schools).

What happens next

We will process your application in 10 working days.

The deemed permitted boundary activities process is very straightforward. If you've provided the correct information, we'll approve your application and issue the deemed permitted boundary activity notice.

If you haven't, we'll advise you what information is missing and you'll need to lodge your application again.

More information about Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity Notice

Visit Ministry of Environment to find out about:

  • what information the application and written notice need to contain
  • issuing a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity application.