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Permitted Marginal or Temporary Activities

Council can now waive the resource consent requirement for ‘marginal or temporary’ rule breaches.

To qualify to be a deemed permitted marginal or temporary activity, the activity must meet the following criteria:

  • the activity would be a permitted activity except for a marginal or temporary non-compliance
  • any adverse environmental effects of the activity are no different in character, intensity or scale than they would be in the absence of the marginal or temporary non-compliance
  • any adverse effects of the activity on a person are less than minor.

If these criteria are met, Council can provide written notice to the person that their activity is permitted and a resource consent is not required.

Application for Marginal or Temporary Non-Compliance

What will a deemed marginal or temporary activity cost?

A deposit is required upon submission of the application with Council. You will be required to pay the balance of the costs when Council has processed your application.

Resource Management Act Administrative Charges

What should I do if I think my activity qualifies for a deemed marginal or temporary activity?

Contact Council’s Planner on 06 327 0099 to discuss your proposal.

More information about Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity

Visit the Ministry of Environment website.