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What is a Subdivision Consent?

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and the Rangitikei District Plan, if you want to subdivide your land or create a site for another dwelling you will require a Subdivision Consent.

Subdivision of land is a legal process, which influences the possible uses of land. Therefore a resource consent is required (the resource consent application form is also used for a subdivision consent).

In considering each application for a Subdivision Consent the Council takes into account the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Rangitikei District Plan, both of which address the matter of subdivision. The Council will also ensure that adverse affects on the environment are identified and dealt with, that all works and services are installed to an appropriate standard, and that the new sites are suitable for the intended use.

How do I apply for Subdivision Consent?

We recommend that you talk your proposal through with Council staff (mainly the Council Planner) before you fill in the application form. You should also contact the Council if you are unsure as to what forms to fill out and what information to provide.

These are forms applicable to the Subdivision Consent process if they are not available here please Contact Us