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Resource Consents

What is a Resource Consent?

A resource consent is a legal document that gives you permission to undertake an activity that is not permitted under the rules of the Rangitikei District Plan. The District Plan identifies what you can do, where you can do it and how you can do it.

Rangitikei District Plan

Do I need Resource Consent?

Your first task is to identify on the Planning Maps the zone the property falls within. You will then need to look at the rules associated with the zone.

There are two Planning Maps for each property: one shows the zones and the other shows the hazards. If the property is listed as being within a hazard zone then you will need to check the rules associated with the hazard. You will do this in the ‘Natural Hazards’ section of the Plan.

You will also need to check the ‘General Rules and Standards’ section to ensure the desired activity meets these rules.

It is recommended that you contact the Planner at the Council to confirm whether you require consent or not.

How do I apply for Resource Consent?

We recommend that you talk your proposal through with Council staff (mainly the Council Planner) before you fill in the application form. You should also contact the Council if you are unsure as to what forms to fill out and what information to provide. The forms applicable to the Resource Consent process are:

What information do I need to provide?

You will need to fill out the application form and attach supporting documents. The application form has a checklist of the information whih needs to be provided. Such documents may include site plans, an Assessment of Environmental Effects and any Affected Party Approvals you have obtained.

If you do not provide enough information, Council may consider your application to be incomplete and return it to you.

Preparing an Assessment of Environmental Effects

You must supply an Assessment of Environmental Effects with your application. This report outlines the effects you think your proposal may have on your neighbours and the wider environment. These effects can be either positive or negative.

The Ministry for the Environment has published a guide to help with the Assessment of Environmental Effects.

A guide to preparing a basic assessment of environment effects

An example of a basic assessment of environmental effects

Do I need to gain approval from anyone?

It is recommended you speak with Council’s planner to see whether there might be any affected parties. The approval must be lodged on the appropriate form, with the affected party signing the form, the site plan and your application.

Affected Party Approval - PDF 354 KB

What will my consent cost?

The costs for consents will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the application. A deposit is required upon submission of the application with Council. Please see our current Fees and Charges. You will be required to pay the balance of the costs when Council has processed your application.

Granting of Consent

If Council processes your consent as non-notified, then you may proceed with the activity immediately after it issues the consent.

If Council processes your application as limited notified or fully notified and submissions are lodged, then you may proceed with the activity after the time for lodging appeals against the consent expires (15 working days) or when the appeal processes are complete.

Conditions of Consent

Council may grant resource consent with specific conditions. It may require you to take actions before and during the consent (eg maximum height, maximum noise, hours of operation, etc). Council will monitor these conditions, and if they are not undertaken, as the consent holder you may be subject to enforcement action.

Expiry of Consent

Unless the consent states otherwise, as the consent-holder you have five years to commence the activity before the consent lapses. If you cannot complete the work within this time, you may apply for an extension. However, you will need to show that you have made substantial progress.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Planner at Rangitikei District Council on either 06 327 0099 or 0800 422 522.