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Reducing or Waiving Fees for Use of Council Facilities

Date of adoption by Council 1 October 2015
Resolution Number 15/RDC/276
Date by which review must be completed Review as required
Relevant Legislation Not applicable
Statutory or Operational Policy Operational
Included in the LTP No
  1. Objective

    1. To recognise in a tangible way the contribution made to the lives of District residents by a range of not-for-profit organisations or event organisers.
  2. Council may reduce fees by 100% when

    1. The event is a community commemoration (such as Anzac Day).
  3. Council may reduce fees by 50% when

    1. The organisation has been established for less than twelve months, or
    2. The organisation/event organiser is predominantly young people (under 20 years), or
    3. The activity or event has free entry to residents of the District, or
    4. The organisation or event organiser has secured financial assistance from Council’s Community Initiatives Fund or the Events Sponsorship Scheme for the activity or event.
  4. Council may reduce fees by 25% when

    1. The activity or event commemorates the life or lives of individuals who have lived in the District and made a contribution to the community, or
    2. The organisation/event organiser can demonstrate hardship arising from loss of other sponsorship.
  5. Council will not reduce or waive fees when

    1. The organisation or event organiser is raising funds for another organisation, event or individual, or
    2. The activity or event is primarily for the organisation making the application and at which the community will not typically have a presence, or
    3. The fee is a refundable bond against damage or payment of remaining fees if not waived.
  6. Application

    1. The Chief Executive is delegated to apply the policy on Council’s behalf. Where a greater reduction in fee is requested than the thresholds allow, the application will be referred to the Council for a decision.


  1. Local, community organisations are charged on-fifth of the hireage charges set for Council’s halls. Such automatic discounts do not apply to such organisations for the exclusive use of other Council facilities, including parks.