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Marton Water Supply Strategy

Temporary Note

Warmer weather affects Marton's drinking water

We are approaching the warmer months of the year, and as a result, we can expect an increase in reports of odour and a change of taste from our drinking water in Marton.

Once treated, water is stored in a reservoir. From there, it enters the water supply pipe network and on to your homes and businesses.

Council is monitoring the water supply frequently to ensure your water is safe, and we are about to invest in the 100-year-old plant to try and resolve the issues. However, this will take time.

Next year, an additional bore will be constructed to change the source of raw water to ground water to avoid odour and taste problems in the future. Our team will also continue to investigate costs and designs for the new Marton Water Treatment Plant to be built in 2023.

Another project that is about to get underway is the investigation of leaks within the water network – the pipes that carry water under our streets to your home. The volume of water lost from the Marton water supply network can be reduced, and to achieve this Council will be investigating leakages and creating a programme of works to fix them. The use of electronic equipment will help to monitor the performance of the network and give us an early indication of when losses increase again.

Finally, please limit watering your lawn during the summer months. Every little bit helps to avoid water restrictions.

The purpose of the Marton Water Supply Strategy is to consistently deliver good quality, affordable, safe drinking water at volumes for today and the future.

The strategy considers all possible solutions covering the following aspects:

  • Raw water source
  • Treatment
  • Storage
  • Delivery network

Several key projects are resulting from the strategy – they include:

An additional bore: Council will lift the supply of raw water to the Marton Water Treatment Plant from 3500m3 to 5000m3 per day. The additional bore should be operational by the end of 2022.

Leak investigation: Water consumption per capita is higher than elsewhere in Aotearoa. In 2022, Council will investigate the source of leaks and the following year it will create a programme of works to fix them. Council will also consider valves and bulk water flow meters.

Construction of new water treatment plant: The Marton Water Treatment Plant is about 100 years old. In 2022, Council will finalise its plans, costings and designs of the new plant that will be built the following year.

    Council and Committee Reports

    The following papers have been discussed in Council and Committee Meetings.

    Proposed Marton Water Supply Strategy - February 2019

    Marton Water Supply Strategy Update - May 2020

    Marton Water Supply Strategy Update - July 2021