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Taihape Town Hall

December 2022

The Taihape Town Hall has long been a special place for the Taihape community, but has not been used since its closure in 2021 due to earthquake risks.

We’ve heard from the community that there are a number of people who want to preserve the town hall and bring it back to life; however there are some challenges in doing this: The Town Hall will require significant earthquake strengthening, heating system and other repairs which would be at a significant cost.

Alongside the Town Hall, council facilities in Taihape (including the library and council offices) are also tired and outdated and require updating to provide better services for the community.

To help us identify the best way forward, a Better Business Case (BBC) has been undertaken to help Council better plan these projects.

A Better Business Case allows us to understand and define the problems, set objectives, and analyse options so that council can make informed decisions and smart investments that deliver the most value for money and therefore biggest impact for our community.

Going through this process outlines the key information about our projects, including why our project is necessary, how much it could cost, and how it could benefit our community.

As this is a complex project, the Better Business Case is still underway and we look forward to presenting elected members with the outcomes and various options once it has been completed in early 2023.