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Taihape Memorial Park Grandstand

Partners: Taihape Heritage Trust – Grandstand Sub-Committee, Taihape Memorial Park Management and Users Group

Timeline: Report due spring 2022

Constructed in 1924 the Grandstand was designed by Oscar Jorgenson and paid for by local farmers.

A detailed seismic assessment was completed in July 2021 which concluded that when in use, the grandstand has a New Building Standard (NBS) of 17% and needs to be strengthened.

The Grandstand remains open to the public and signs have been put up to warn the public about the danger, leaving it to users to choose whether they use the building.

In late 2022, a report outlining the full costs of strengthening the building went to Council for consideration. Next, there will be a public conversation about fundraising to cover heritage-related costs that are over and above strengthening the structure.


January 2023
Thanks to the efforts of the Taihape Heritage Group, the Taihape Memorial Park Grandstand has been granted Category 2 heritage building status by Heritage New Zealand.

Heritage New Zealand have found that the Grandstand reflects the development of sports and recreation amenities in Aotearoa New Zealand and is closely connected to the history of club rugby in our country. The Grandstand is architecturally significant and is of considerable social significance to the Taihape community.

Taihape Grandstand