Fees and Charges - Dog Registration

Temporary Note

New Multi Dog Permit

Under the Control of Dogs Bylaw you are now required to apply for a Multi Dog Permit if you have more than 2 dogs.

  • No occupier/s of any property in an residential area (as per Councils District Plan) shall allow or cause to remain or keep on the property, more than two (2) dogs, over the CONTROL OF DOGS BYLAW | Rangitīkei District Council 7 age of three (3) months (whether or not such dogs are registered) unless the occupier has obtained a multi-dog permit from Council.
  • A multi-dog permit and fee may be issued upon or subject to such terms, conditions or restrictions as Council may consider necessary and any breach of such terms, conditions or restrictions shall result in revocation of the permit.
  • Any person requesting to allow or cause to remain or to keep more than two (2) dogs on any premises as provided in the Bylaw shall apply in writing to Council in such form as may be required by Council for a multi-dog permit. The permit issued is for a three (3) year period.

Registration fees are set for all dogs over three months of age for each registration year. They shall be payable by 1 August in each registration year. An additional charge of 50% of the relevant fee will be applied to any fees due at 1 August, but not paid before that day

There shall be different fees for the relative costs of the registration and control of dogs for the following classes of dogs. These fees may be reviewed each year. In setting fees each year, Council will have regard to the following class of dog.

  • Working Dogs
  • Non-Working Dogs
  • Non-Working Neutered/Spayed Dogs
  • Non-Working Dogs - Approved Good Owner Classification
  • Non-Working Neutered/Spayed Dogs - Approved Good Owner Classification

Note*: Approved Good Owner Classification fee covers inspection and monitoring costs

On registering a dog, the owner of that dog shall ensure that the label or disk issued by the Council is attached to a collar worn on the neck of the dog so registered.

Pound Fees

Dogs found at large in public places will be impounded.

Pound fees are set for:

  • The seizure and custody of dogs by Council’s Dog Control Officers or Dog Rangers.
  • The sustenance of any dog while impounded.
  • The destruction of any dog impounded.

The fees shall be greater for the second and subsequent impoundment of any dog within a 12-month period.

All fees must be paid before the dog is released from the pound.

Schedule of fees and charges

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