Impounded Dogs

Temporary Note

New Multi Dog Permit

Under the Control of Dogs Bylaw you are now required to apply for a Multi Dog Permit if you have more than 2 dogs.

  • No occupier/s of any property in an residential area (as per Councils District Plan) shall allow or cause to remain or keep on the property, more than two (2) dogs, over the CONTROL OF DOGS BYLAW | Rangitīkei District Council 7 age of three (3) months (whether or not such dogs are registered) unless the occupier has obtained a multi-dog permit from Council.
  • A multi-dog permit and fee may be issued upon or subject to such terms, conditions or restrictions as Council may consider necessary and any breach of such terms, conditions or restrictions shall result in revocation of the permit.
  • Any person requesting to allow or cause to remain or to keep more than two (2) dogs on any premises as provided in the Bylaw shall apply in writing to Council in such form as may be required by Council for a multi-dog permit. The permit issued is for a three (3) year period.

Dogs may be impounded by Council's Animal Control Officers for any offences. Impounded dogs will be held at a pound that Council uses. Impounding fees and sustenance charges will apply.

A Dog Control Officer may impound any dog found in breach of any bylaw or policy, whether or not it is wearing a registration label or disc as required by the Act.

As soon as practicable after any dog has been impounded Council shall:

  • In the case of a dog wearing a registration label or disc or where the owner of the dog is known through some other means, give written notice to the owner that the dog has been impounded and unless the dog is claimed and any fee payable paid within seven (7) days of receipt of the notice, it may be sold, euthanised or otherwise disposed of in such a manner as Council sees fit; and after the expiry of that period Council may so dispose of the dog.
  • Where the owner of the dog is not known or despite reasonable enquiry cannot be identified, Council may, after the expiration of seven (7) days after the date of the seizure and impounding of the dog, sell, euthanize or otherwise dispose of the dog in such manner as it thinks fit.
  • No dog which is not registered in accordance with the Act shall be released until it is registered, micro chipped and all fees due paid in full.
  • The sale, destruction or disposal of any dog in accordance with this Bylaw shall not relieve the owner of the dog of liability for the payment of any fees or penalties payable under this Bylaw.

To find out if your dog has been impounded please contact the Rangitikei District Council 24hrs phoneline 0800 422 522.

Alternatively call into our Council Office in High Street Marton or Hautapu Street Taihape between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm weekdays.