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Multiproof Building Consents

What is a MultiProof Building Consent?

The MultiProof service came into effect on 1 February 2010. It enables volume builders to obtain a MultiProof or National Multiple-Use approval for standardised building designs that are intended to be replicated several times.

A MultiProof is a statement issued by the MBIE. It confirms that a specific set of building plans and specifications complies with the NZ Building Code.

A MultiProof does not replace a Building Consent. You must each time, still apply and obtain a Building Consent if you are a holder of a MultiProof.

To apply for a MultiProof Building Consent -

The Council will assess the Building Code compliance for site specific features that are excluded from the MultiProof only. For this reason, the Council has 10 working days to grant or refuse to grant the Building Consent.

Suspending the Multiproof Building Consent Application

Further information may be required. If this is the case, a letter will be sent to the Property Owner and/or Agent identifying what information is required. The Multiproof Building Consent application will be suspended until information is received.

Suspension of the Multiproof Building Consent application will stop the 10 working day clock. The clock will recommence on the working day following receipt of a complete application or complete request for information.

Who can apply for a MultiProof?

To find out how to apply for a MultiProof, please contact MBIE.